We take care of the whole production process

Edelstein takes care of the whole productive process of the product with passion, starting from the project and the formulation, until the production. Our laboratory boasts a multi – year experience in the cosmetic field, concerning both the research and development and the quality control.

Training and continuous updating of regulations

Special attention is paid to constant upgrades of technical, legal and normative aspects, thanks to the cooperation with specialized research authorities, certified laboratories and institutional associations, like Cosmetica Italia.

High quality standards of raw materials

The selection process of the commodities and the innovative active ingredients, with high functionalities, efficacy and an excellent toxicological profile, allow us to obtain a product with high qualitative standards. The safety and the efficacy are guaranteed by the tests carried out on the products during the formulation (stability test, challenge test and patch test) and the production.

For this purpose, our laboratory is equipped with modern and functional tools, such as ph-ometors, viscometers, automatic titrimeters, thermostats and scales.

Full service also in Private Label

The Edelstein laboratories are then able to provide a full service also for private labels, by guaranteeing a high level of customization, to satisfy the needs of each single client with targeted proposals in terms of fragrances, the active ingredients and the textures.